Facet Jewelry

Established in Ireland in the 1970’s, Facet Jewelers is the Dublin based company of three brothers Michael, Liam and Patrick Shannon. Like Triona Design, Facet has remained a family owned and operated business for over thirty years. Specialising in Irish jewelry inspired by ancient Celtic symbols and legendary book of Kells, each piece has been designed with careful consideration to reference all aspects of Irish heritage with a contemporary and fashionable twist by the brothers who are passionate about incorporating traditional Irish iconography into all their unique designs. Dedicated to only creating items which are of the highest quality, the Shannon brothers use only the finest raw materials in their production. All Facet’s impressive collection of jewelry has been made in Ireland from design to production, and each item has been hand finished to ensure that the highest standards of production are adhered to. Uniquely Irish, Facet jewelry remains a Dublin institution and this sentiment is reflected in the unwavering popularity of the brand.

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